It all started by chance… I never had an experience with either rag doll pattern or plush creation. After my children were born, I found myself exploring new, creative approaches regarding their expression, amusement, education and style. I was really amazed with the fact that both my children were attached to a SPECIAL plush doll. One day, I started making for fun a handmade rag doll for my son without any intention or pattern. And that was it! Suddenly, I realized that this rag doll making incorporated many loved and creative aspects of myself. This is how I started creating this collection of handmade rag dolls and plushies.

I come from a family that has an ability to make things by hand and I was always making something tangible with my hands. I am educated and work as an interior architect, so I am familiar with the handling of ideas like inspiration, idea, art, aesthetics, design, experimentation, materiality and implementation from another point of view. The textiles and their techniques, colours, painting, printing are some of my passions.

All the items by Abracadabra and stuff are original design and the materials are carefully chosen with respect to children’s safety.

I hope you will find something in my shop that makes you smile and your child, niece, nephew or grandchild will soon find his/ her best friend. Enjoy life!


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